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Thereís a lot of history thatís been written so far for the Orbital Wars and youíve got to admit itís hard to keep track of it all. So Iíve trawled through as much of it as I can and this, as far as I can tell, is everything datable in the right order. It goes up to the letter H.

In order to distinguish between whatís written and what is just my speculation Iíll use normal text for whatís been written and italics for anything thatís I think explains things but isnít canonical.

The Dim and Distant Past A civilisation invents the Barren Walkers and the [Thorn Vessels]?. This may be the Icarus People that Ducant has speculated on. The Z-Tel? are also building Ark Royal ships at this time, and according to them the Ark Royal II disappeared in the vicinity of Earth, according to the Z-Tel? becoming the origin of Terran humans (see HMS Ark Royal XVI).

The Distant Past The Darrow Foundation rediscovers lost Earth technology. This leads to migrations of people and the founding of Ethnic Kingdoms and Multiculturates, including the [Kingdom of Atholl]?. The Binata Complex may well date from this period or may be earlier. When humans discover signs of alien life at Hyperion Beta they send an infiltration/saboteur unit. When they arrive and discover there is no alien life they move to Hyperion Delta and begin their transformation into the Heebies. Hyperion Delta may well be in the area of space later claimed by the [Eastern Rim Consortium]?.

Druto was also settled in this early period, possibly a commercially based multiculturate. When they reach [Yentic Seven]? there is evidence of a dead civilisation. As they spread into the area that would later be the East Rim Consortium they missed finding the Heebies, but did uncover the Barren Walkers and evidence of a prehuman civilisation. The Church at Nine West disappears into the depths of Benthic Space. At some point the Union is formed to create a unified government, based on Earth.

Recent History The East Rim Consortium is founded a few centuries before the war, and Kelvodian society is formed 200 years before the [Qirel Encounter]?. Whether the Manifesto of Qirel was written during the founding of the ERC is unknown but it was certainly in place before the [Qirel Encounter]?. The ERC ends up being drawn into the Copyright Dispute. The Book of the Veere were playing 150 years pre-war. Binata Complex emerges from its long voyage at this time, and in the last century before the war Belasyse Finch began his road to power. It is likely that the Jatok were created at this point as a force of space pirates.

Just Before the War This is the time known as the Calm?, a space in which despite growing tensions there would be no wars and a long-lasting peace. Maybe they were all playing Fatal Deth III, popular at this time, or maybe joining cults like the Averianists?, who were active at this time (and by inference, the Dysgnostics). Belasyse Finch, as Director of the ERC takes his turn as President of the Union. Klein Brittan were working on Ether-tech 12 cycles before the [Qirel Encounter]?. The Dural Sessions begin two years before the war, while Allelodrene goes onto the market a year before the warís start.

The Church at Nine West emerged over Laeis, fulfilling the conditions set out in the Manifesto of Qirel and starting the events that would lead to the [Qirel Encounter]?. This was less than a cycle before the [Qirel Encounter]?, but a cycle that could well be closer to ten years than one. How it led to the [Qirel Encounter]? is debatable but it could be that its emergence led to some ships being sent out that attracts the attention of the Heebies, speaking of whomÖ

Phase One In the [Qirel Encounter]? (which we know took place in the ERC) the Heebies encounter their long-lost relatives and strike out. Present at the Encounter was Dexter Potent in his ship, the Manitoba (which is destroyed, killing Potent), and Alexander Ducant. In response to this Earth launches the Antiphon, the largest of theCrackers? ever built. Finch coordinates the Union response and the Union tries to ban crackers. Nobody listens, except Druto, and even they begin to build conventional weapons. They join up with the Light Brigade as it is formed, possibly including the HMS Ark Royal XVI, which is being used as an HQ for the Union Fleet. The Dysgnostics power up their Void-breakers? in Alphas which may be linked to the city being bombed. In the meantime Allelodrene is linked to Dymetricism in children. Finally, after ages travelling through space the Antiphon and the Light Brigade both hit the Heebies, ending the first phase of the war. However some of the participants had been weakened and other people were ready to exploit that.

Phase Two Earth, in response to the continuing crisis, scatters Ion Mines in the Grey Zone. Binata Complex disappears for the second time. The Kelvod Agitation Theory is put forward, which leads to the use of the term, Axis of Kelvod. The Union responds by announcing the Kelvodian Exile. It also announces a quarantine on the Amorphian homeworld.

Phase Three General Mark Gordon, a two star general in the Union Peace Armada, begins to use Coronal Manipulation. The phase is marked by two assassination attempts. The first, on Belasyse Finch by [Mikhail Un]?, was successful. The second, on [Queen Audrey]?, was unsuccessful. The latter though was blamed upon the Jatok, even though the Erks were really responsible. General Gordon used this as a reason to sever his ties to the Union and to take his Royal Marines in a series of attacks on the Jatok. In the Zavada Gambit Gordon bypassed the ion minefield and struck at the sun, while ravaging many outer planets.

Phase Four Gordon bullies his way to become Senate Speaker, withdrew the Union from the war and dissolved it. As he leaves the system he fires a cracker at Earth, although the cracker launched by the ERC gets there first. In the end three crackers demolish the Terran ecosphere. This political turmoil leads to the creation of the [New Unified Terrans]?. The attacks on Earth cause Druto to withdraw and defend itself researching Gaurron shielding. During this phase it is discovered that Gaurron is in fact a civilisation of nanobots. Without Union protection the Erks become pariahs.

The Battle for Oubliette 2 takes place and it is at the battle that the Terran Fleet discovers that General Gordon is now in charge. Many disagree and the HMS Ark Royal XVI becomes a neutral ship, used by [Ilona Bevan]?. The Terran/Jatok alliance is ended by the revelation and the refugees from Earth come under attack from both ERC and Jatok forces.

Phase Five The Thermopylae Incident sees Atholl ships firing on each other (some with the ERC and some with the [New Unified Terrans]?). Gordon used this phase to consolidate his control over the Terran fleet.

Phase Six Nothing happened. At least not that weíve detailed yet.

Phase Seven By this point Durvii had been depleted by refuelling (mainly Jatok) ships. The Durvii Battalion counters this by attacking all ships (14 in the Skirmish at Vhorm). At some point Gordon loses control of the Terran Fleet.

Phase Eight The bulk of the Durvii Battalion is destroyed in the Norando Asteroid Field by a temporary Terran/Jatok Alliance. Any chance of them continuing to fight together is ended when the Royal Marines return to Atholl and Gordon is able to regain control of the Fleet.

Phase Nine The Crylla Treaty ends the wars. General Gordon is declared a traitor by the New Unified Terran Senate.

Post War Years [Xerxes Smith]? receives a Midas Owl from the Darrow Foundation. Druto remains isolated from the rest of the galaxy. [Mikhail Un]? is posthumously inducted into the Megarealist Hall of Fame. Persecution of Erk communities continues. General Gordon retreats to Atholl where he and the remaining royal family go into permanent time dilation. In a far-future wars will be fought with weapons that create white holes.


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