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The Conspiracians were a small cult based on Alphas who believed all of society was controlled behind the scenes by a small group of genderless immortals and their human worshipers. Early on they were an insignificant group whose major activities were confined to mass burnings of albums by Book of the Veere, whom they considered to be high-level agents of the manipulators at the very least. The title of the band's third album Ban this Sick Filth is believed to have been inspired by Conspiracian ravings, and much of the prophesy it contains relates to the actions of the Conpiracians over the course of the Orbital Wars.

With the publication of the Case for Bifurcation, however the group began to declare the nearing of the apocalypse, and began building a battle fleet of their own on the largely unpopulated planet Jatok in order to "free the human race from their cowardly puppet masters." The small government of Jatok managed to overrun the Conspiracian base shortly before the fleet's completion, sent many of the groups leaders to the prison planet Oubliette 2, and took the ships as their own.

Not ones to give up the fight for human independence so easily, the remaining Conspiracians travelled to a moon of the nearby planet Dabiel and managed to complete (with the exception of weapons systems) a single warship before they were again overrun by the local militia. This time, however, they had expected the attack, and rigged all of the warships they were forced to leave behind with explosives to prevent them from being used by the manipulators.

The weapons systems of the warship, christened the Free Terran Warrior, were completed during flight and the ship soon became a severe nuisance to East Rim Consortium Forces.

It is widely believed that the outcome of the Orbital Wars would have been much different had it not been for the reunion of the crew of the Free Terran Warrior with their former leaders in the wake of the Battle for Oubliette 2. Convinced that they were merely pawns of the insidious manipulators, the last of the Conspiracians piloted the Free Terran Warrior directly into the Pharmacon? headquarters on Earth, destroying the pharmaceutical empire and doing untold billions in collateral damage.

The reason they chose this target is unknown.

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