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Crylla Treaty

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The hasty treaty that finally ended the Orbital Wars, signed on the independent and wholly insignificant planet of Crylla. There is much speculation as to whether the Treaty actually adhered to Union rules, as only one delegate from each of the three parties was actually physically present, but most agree that the [Union Reform Movement]? was already well underway by the time the Treaty was signed.

General Mark Gordon represented the [New Unified Terrans]? via tele-screen, much to the dismay of Terrans everywhere. [Puri of Tandin]? represented the Kelvod, but his presence was merely ornamental. The Abrasia had entered his brain and some eyewitnesses claim that he was actually dead when the treaty was signed (this was, of course, the final stages of a rare form of Abrasia, known as Hypocerebral Abrasia, where the cosmetic effects of the disease actually take place on the surface of the brain). Obviously, there was no one left to represent the Jatok Fleet, but the lyrics of Book of the Veere already indicated their terms and conditions.

All three parties were generally unsatisfied with the terms of the treaty, but the massive destruction and loss of life was reason enough to finally call an end to the Wars. The Crylla Treaty is seen as the key segue between the end of the Orbital Wars and the beginning of the recognition of the [Union Reform Movement]?.

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