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Curvature Regulation

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Curvature Regulation refers to the reciprocal force exerted by lower dimensions in areas of high 4 dimensional mass. This force serves to regulate gravitational waves and normalize the relationships of the dimensions. Postulated by Neo-Einsteinian? Grumm Dubbler, curvature regulation was not accepted by the community at large until the discovery of Benthic Space.

Benthic Space is a gravitationally unstable area which is exceptionally receptive to mass, and to the gravitational waves caused by any mass moving into it's vicinity. The dimensions of the gravitation, being unconstrained by "curvature regulation" from other significant masses, has the effect of warping space and time as defined from an external (C-regular) observer. This produces the "non-contiguous" element that has given benthic space it's greatest navigational significance.

Earlier attempts to navigate benthic space by calculating geodesics based on the effect of massless light gave promises of mastering travel through key areas that were later dashed by the disappearance of the Jatok Fleet. This is because the degree of curvature variation present was not yet understood. Once it was realized that all curvature producing masses and gravitational waves had to be accounted for in order to begin approximation for trajectory calculations, hope of regularly cross-navigating Benthic Space were lost.

It is thought that curvature regulation might be reduced over time simply through the accumulation of mass in time (if not space)- this is the "wear down" theory of mastering benthic travel, and remains to be seen.

Curvature Regulation and the existence of Benthic Space also predicted that, much like the black hole's counterpart the white hole, Hot Spots exist where extreme degrees of regularity are exerted on a potential mass in space-time. Such spaces most likely also correspond to the location of past or future white holes, based on the amount of past or future mass necessary to cause such a small but powerful anomaly. Formulas are unsuccessful at predicting the effect of higher-dimensional force at these Hot Spots, although one proposed effect is that of creating "contiguity waves". This would effectively amplifying any present pattern which would be propagated outward with an extremely low noise-to-signal ratio.

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