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Dexter Potent

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Best known for his Diversity of History theory, Dexter Potent was an extremely popular science fiction author. Despite having published over 100 short novels, not one word of his writings have ever been shown to be feasible. Every attempt to create a technology he described or to verify a theory of his has failed, the most disastrous example being the [Skyhook Incident]?.

Despite this, his ideas remain popular among the masses for their romantic view of the universe, and young scientiticians and academics who grew up reading his works continually try to show that at least one of his ideas has some bearing on reality.

Potent is believed to have died in the [Qirel Encounter]?. Though no trace of his body was discovered, a great deal of his luggage was recovered from the wreckage of the Manitoba among it a copy of his unfinished novel [The Orbital Wars]?, which is what the conflicts following the [Qirel Encounter]? have popularly come to be known as, despite the fact that no major part of the conflicts dealt with orbits.

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