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This is a page for discussing anything that you feel needs to be discussed. New player announcements, questions about rule changes or formats, and similar matters. It now reads in reverse chronological order.

New player = Dempcat. I've called dibs on the Manifesto Of Qirel.
Hi, My name is gumpy and i'm new here. Any advice for a new player?
Hi, I'm also an Alex, and I'd like to tentatively call dibbs on Megarealist Art Movement, if nobody else wants it. Of course that means I can't write up Mikhail. Um, there's a lot to catch up on, so let me ask a lazy question-- other than the Megarealist Art Movement being in some way opposed to Averianism and maybe Kevlodianism?. Furthermore, they would tend toward neophobes rather than neophiles. Is that pretty much in the right ballpark, or does anybody have any additional writeups I should read in order to be consistant with everything? I did a search for 'Megarealist' and that's what I've come up with. --alexboko

Just a mention that we seem to be listed on [this page of Lexicon games], with a nice asterisk-graph of entries-to-letters. --Kevan
Alright. January second passes a while a go so I changed us to the letter "N", I didn't set a date yet so you guys can figure that out.
Hi everyone, Navek here. I've been lurking in the shadows, following the progress of the Orbital Wars. With a lack of anything new to read, I've decided to throw in my hat and take a stab at writing some entries. I'd like to call dibs on [Massacre at Woolsae]?. I've jotted down some ideas that I'd like to work with, and should have something together in a couple of days. If this one works out, I may be interested in a couple of the phantom entries that have been bypassed.
Hi I'm Nesia. I just joined and added Manitoba.
Okay guys, I think we're in trouble. I just marked all the players who haven't written any entries for three turns inactive and guess what? There are only three active players left: myself, Alex, and Gregg. There is no way we're going to be able to finish this on our own. I don't know about you, but I'm still having a great time, I think this game is awesome, but we're going to need some new players. I don't know what to do. Any ideas? --Thursday
Open question: I dibbsed Homotopy Campaign while H was open, partly because it sounded cool, partly because I wanted others more prolific to be able to proceed. I started researching but never had the chance to submit the entry in time. Should I write it now, or should it be left blank? --RJ
I've invited players whose email adresses I know and who haven't written anything for a while to come back to the game; if anyone knows how to get a hold of anyone else I encourage you to do the same. --Thursday

Just a little reminder from the Rules: "All the phantom entries must be either written or dibbed before any new entries for that letter can be created." --Thursday
Gregg, I enjoyed reading Heebies, but there's a question of continuity: Josh stated back in Church At Nine West that the Church's emergence near Laeis was what fulfilled the Manifesto of Qirel and led to the Qirel Encounter. The description of the Encounter in Heebies seems unrelated. I'm not sure whether the two entries are reconcilable; what does everyone else think? --Brendan

Actually, is it worth locking this Wiki against third-party edits? Lexicon isn't really a "proper" Wiki because we specifically don't want random passers-by chipping in - is it perhaps time to lock it by default, and require that players log in before they can make any changes (via the Preferences page, with a special editor password)? --Kevan
Dear 220.184.224.*:


Sincerely, Brendan

P.S. Anybody else: is there a button to undo revisions that I'm just missing, or do you have to de-spam them manually?

Can I suggest a week's amnesty? I'm going to struggle to write an 'H' entry tonight, and as Brendan only just wrote his 'G' entry I assume the same goes for him, too. Can we call the next week an extended 'H' period, in which those so inclined can write their 'I'? --Josh
Erm, I have a question about the Grey Zone entry. In it it refers to humans coming into contact with other races, yet according to the Amorphians entry they are the only known intelligent alien lifeform. Do we just have a straight contradiction here or is there some way around this? I've always assumed that all these factions were humans (apart from the Jatok who were just made by a human) but what does everyone else think? --Alex
Just wondering, what year does everyone think the Orbital Wars are taking place in? I know we've all kept it rather vague (probably the only way we could do it) but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's, at least in their own mind, decided when they think they are. I would put them anywhere in the 27th to 31st centuries (2600 CE to 3000 CE) but what years was everyone else thinking of? --Alex
Hmmm, I've just labelled all the people who haven't written anything since the E entry as "inactive", namely Andrew, Kevan, Holly, and U3. I've also put Eidosabi there, since he said he probably won't write any more entries, and thus shouldn't count towards our maximum citation slots in each letter. Also to note, a few of the current entries have dibs called, but the person calling it didn't put their names anywhere. (Yes, you can just look at recent changes, but you shouldn't have to do that, in my humble opinion.) --Ben
Question: What happens if no one writes the Gaurron entry before the turn is over? --Thursday
I just had the most awesome yet awful idea ever: a 24-hour lexicon game. Naturally, the current format with something like "a letter each hour, not doing X or Q" wouldn't work, so an alternate ruleset would be needed. I was thinking something along the lines of: the first entry could be new, every other entry must come from a phantom citation from some entry. Every entry would have to cite exactly two (no more, no less) unwritten entries, and every entry after the first would have to cite at least one entry the player did not write themselves. You win if you get 24 entries written within 24 hours of writing your first entry. After 24 hours are up, clean-up could consist of all the players writing all the unfinished phantoms at a leisurely pace. Or continuing the game at whatever pace they desired if the subject still seemed interesting to people involved. --Ben
Welcome to the game, Eidosabi, and glad to have you. Am I correct in interpreting your bio page to mean that writing fan fiction is a part of your doctoral coursework? --Brendan
Hi. I've just finished adding my entry for the week and, as its a big one with oodles of citations which draws on loads of other people's works, I was kind of hoping people might go through it and look for any obvious errors. I was trying to bring a little kind of chronology as to what was going on, without actually delving into motivations, too many events and leaving enough blank areas for future expansion. What does everyone think? -- Alex
Um, in RJ's new entry, Fool, he cites a phantom entry entitled 'Ellipse and Spiral'. Since we're already past the E section, what do we do with this? Do we change the name, or do we treat the book as if it does not exist, as RJ seems to be hinting at in the entry and on his player page?--Thursday
It should be noted that "Jatok" now refers to both a planet and a swarm of robot bees (Nice!). This isn't a problem, it just needs to be kept in mind by whoever ends up writing the entry. --Ornithopter
Hmmm. If we "idle" U3, who is the only one who hasn't gone at least one of in the last two rounds (although honestly, after the turnout on the E round I wouldn't be surprised if we've lost a few more), that means there are only two open slots for phantom entries for "S". Just remember there are plenty of letters that still only have one citation that can use much more love. --Ben
Players remaining who are allowed to write [Qirel Encounter]?: --Brendan
If you want a true creative writing challenge, I encourage you to participate in National Novel Writing Month. Every November, NaNoWriMo encourages writers all over the world to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I participated last year (and finished), and it's a blast! http://www.nanowrimo.org/ --Thursday
If anyone has any kind of grounding in quantum physics, could they please cast an eye over Ether and tell me if it's fatally flawed? I only know what I've picked up over the years so I could be miles out. Thanks. --Josh
Hullo. I apologise that my 'D' entry is so late, appearing now on Monday evening. Sorry. I thought today was Sunday for some reason, and realised I hadn't even written it yet. Erk. Sorry. Also, would someone might taking a look at it, and seeing if they can work out why italicized text isn't possible there? I've italicized some text at the end, without trouble, but I can't do likewise for some text at the start. I've tried making the <i> tag at the start of the line (and not), on a line by itself (and not), tried putting text before it it in case there's a bug with a tag being the first thing on a page, but nooo... Tried using apostrophes too, but nope, it's not having it. Grr. This is for the Dabiel entry, incidentally. --Andrew
Bwahaha-haha! -- RJ
Hm, Durvii Battalion says "the group utilized technology derived from Barren Walkers to create war machines that could make planet-to-planet hops in the blink of an eye", which I think conflicts fairly clearly with "the absolute limit of the speed of light on how fast information can travel" in Belated History Effect. Perhaps change it to "planet-to-planet hops at the speed of light", or something similar? --Holly

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