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Dramatis Personae

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This page is not an entry- it is simply for use in assembling the players in the Orbital Wars and related events (not the players OF Orbital Wars, see the difference?) in an accomidating manner. If you feel like lending a hand, please add any notes you wish. This is understood to exist outside of game context, don't link from official entries or use it to spawn new official entries. Thnx -- RJ

These are individuals: see also Factions

Alexander Ducant:Ambiguously famous. Biologist? Theorist? Shared nom de plume? --See Alexander Ducant, Amorphians, Antiphon, Binata Complex, Elision (And Battle for Oubliette 2, Bifurcative Spacetime Strategy Theory, and Book of the Veere. He gets cited quite a bit. --Ben)

Angostura Finch: "was responsible for tracing the Kelvod agitation theory to Z-Tel?" --See Belasyse Finch

Bartleby Scriven: Close friend of [Xerxes Smith]? -- See Bartleby Drive

Belasyse Finch: "President of the Union during the first three phases of the Orbital War;" also created the Copyright Dispute to destroy barriers to potentially harmful innovation

Binata Complex: Pilot of the Binata Colony Ship, a crystal matrix AI including the fused minds of former crew. -- See Binata Complex

Dexter Potent: An extremely popular science fiction author. -- See Dexter Potent

[Frall Wikozia]?: A famous Manitobian composer; wrote [The Manitobian Polka]?.

General Mark Gordon: Associated with the [New Unified Terrans]?, appearantly with a negative reputation.--See Coronal Manipulation, Crylla Treaty.

[Govarl Madiss]?: The current High Preist of Manitoba.

[Ilona Bevan]?: Co-led campaign to ban Crackers with Alexander Ducant, founder of the [Union Reform Movement]? -- See Antiphon, HMS Ark Royal XVI

Leo Brande: Cardinal of the Church At Nine West --See Church At Nine West

[Mikhail Un]?: "infamous" abrasiatic, false Kelvodist and creator of Erasing the Impossible --See Abrasia, Belasyse Finch, Calm, The

[Prince Ertoth Jatok]?: Leader of the Jatok fleet -- See Battleship Jatok

[Puri of Tandin]?: Kelvodist, co-signer of the Crylla Treaty, possibly when already dead from "Hypocerebral Abrasia"

[Qeturah Little]?: Terran ambassador to the [Union], orchestrated the Little Coup, which took advantage a loophole in Union policies to have Terrans? appointed as Senior Member of the Union.

[Sable Aliss]?: possibly among the first users of Alluria, and possibly the founder of the Dygnostics?; also discovered and traced the source of Elision.

[Shayden Kraster]?: The ex-high priest of Manitoba; hired [Frall Wikozia]? to write a new anthem.

[Xerxes Smith]?: Inventor of the Bartleby Drive and chief rival to Alexander Ducant -- See Bartleby Drive, Binata Complex

Xythulhu?: Hero in the Kingdom of Atholl, played a leading roll at the [Massacre at Woulsea]?.

[Zakarin du Veird]?: "renowned General", died at the [Sacking of Surrator]? -- See Book Of The Veere

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