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Durvii Battalion

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A medium-sized planet known for its unique reddish-orange sheen, Durvii was a refueling post for many warships during the Orbital Wars. It was used primarily by the Jatok, however other groups were known to use it as well. By the seventh cycle of the Wars, the resources of the planet were virtually depleted. Jatok generals believed that the people of Durvii were hoarding fuel for themselves, and began to violently search the settlements. The Durvii Battalion was created in response this violence.

The group utilized technology derived from Barren Walkers to create war machines that could hop to nearby planets in the Durvii System, drawing energy from otherwise inert gases present in the atmosphere of Durvii. Having little contact with the outside world, they saw all space vehicles as Jatok vehicles, and would attack any ship regardless of its affiliation.

The Battalion made a significant impact on key battles of the Orbital Wars. Their successful grandstand play during the [Skirmish at Vhorm]? destroyed three large Kelvod cruisers and eleven Jatok battleships over the planet of Vhorm, also in the Durvii System. This inspired many other small groups, most notably the [Spacers' Federated Guild]?, to mobilize into action against other repressive forces.

The Terrans, upset by the loss of many merchant ships to Durvii raids, made a temporary agreement to assist the Jatok in putting down the group. The group was finally crushed by a combined Terran and Jatok force in the Norando Asteroid Field at the beginning of the eighth cycle. The bulk of the Durvii Battalion was drawn into the Norando Asteroid Field (also in the Durvii System) by fabricated L-wave broadcasts, where Terran forces used a modified ion screen to disable the mobility of the Durvii ships. The estimated losses for the Durvii range upwards around fifteen thousand.

The Jatok continued to ravage the planet of Durvii, only to come up empty-handed. The planet is now a dead, lifeless hulk.

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