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Elision is the popular term for temporis elidens, the widespread phenomenon of sporadic "lost time," in response to which the [Union Reform Movement]? was created.

During elision, a subject would converse and react in a manner consistent with his or her normal behavior, but, occasionally, would perform horrible, sociopathic acts without any change in demeanor. After the elision was complete, the subject would have no memory of the attack--all memory of it, and even the idea that such memories were missing, having been "elided." Attacks lasted anywhere from a few minutes to six hours.

Given the subjective and self-concealed nature of the elision experience, it is impossible to know when it first manifested on a galactic scale. It is known that [Sable Aliss]? was the first to notice and track its effects; it was also she who used her resources within the nascent Klein Brittan group to prove that elision was reproducible, as a side effect of the subspace harmonics generated by the prototype Void-Breaker?s. It was Alexander Ducant, however, who registered and publicized the changes in neuroelectric activity that occur during elision, and which can be detected for days after an attack.

Given the manner in which the Aliss's Dysgnostics exploited the elision effect, it's not surprising that most attempts at destroying Ducant's scholarly name are traced to them. Neither they nor he ever answered some nagging questions, however. Since Aliss was able to document elision before the first military Void-Breaker was constructed, there must have been another source; but if it was not a Void-Breaker, then what was it? And if it was, who or what had the ability to use them before the [Qirel Encounter]??

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