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Whenever you write an entry, add it to this list, in proper alphabetical order. Include your name next to it as the author.

If you cite an entry, add your name next to it on the list, mentioning that you cited it. If you create a phantom entry by being the first to cite it, add it to the list, with a note that you cited it. To call dibs on a phantom entry, which you should only do after the appropriate round starts, simply turn it from an uncreated page to something like "(Your name) calls dibs on this entry."

If someone else makes an entry and forgets to add it to this list, feel free to do so yourself.

Entries: A <closed>

B <closed> C <closed> D <closed> E <closed> F <closed> G <closed> H <closed> I <closed> J <closed> K <closed> L <closed> M <current round> N O P Q R S (full) T (2 spaces left) U V W X Y Z

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