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Erasing The Impossible

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‘Erasing the Impossible’ is the name of a holo-documentary focusing on the origins of the Kelvod, directed by and starring [Mikhail Un]?. Originally seen as an apologist interpretation, this view shifted dramatically after it was revealed that the Un was not, in fact, Kelvodian. The work attempted to debunk the assumptions made by the Kelvod agitation theory, which is curious because it would be the official disproving of the theory that would later unmask Un’s charade.

Un pioneered several new techniques that had never been seen in holo-films before, and for this the work is often associated with the Megarealist Art Movement that started during the Orbital Wars and continued for long after. The group did not identify with Un at the time because of the scandal that ensued, but Un was inducted posthumously into the Megarealism Hall of Fame five cycles after the Wars ended. However, Un himself proclaimed the film an embodiment of Averianism, if only to fuel the anger of the [Terran High Senate]?.

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