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Ethnic Kingdoms

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As humanity expanded throughout the galaxy, using the drive invented by the Darrow Foundation, the planets colonised tended to fall into one of two categories; ethnic kingdoms and multiculturates. An ethnic kingdom was described as any colony made up entirely or predominantly by one ethnic group. Though there were fewer ethnic kingdoms, they displayed a greater cultural variety than the more homogenised multiculturates. Since the colonists were often drawn from those who disliked the so-called 'metropolitan culture,' the ethnic kingdoms displayed some of the more extreme examples of their native culture. Despite the name, only 37% of all ethnic kingdoms were actual monarchies, and the resulting nations included a range of democracies, dictatorships, oligarchies, meritocracies, fundamentalist theocracies and even one constitutionalist anarchy. The most important ethnic kingdom of the Orbital Wars was the [Kingdom of Atholl]?, whose Royal Marines were involved in several of the most famous or infamous incidents of the wars.

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