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This page is not an entry -- it is simply for use in assembling the factions at play around the Orbital Wars period (not the factions of players OF Orbital Wars; see the difference?) in an accomodating manner. If you feel like lending a hand, please add any notes you wish. This is understood to exist outside of game context; don't link from official entries or use it to spawn new official entries. Thanks -- RJ

Actually, if anyone would like to pick up maintenance on this page, that would increase its life expectancy greatly :)

Allurians -- Those addicted to Alluria

Amorphians -- Only known alien life-form. See Amorphians, Pharmacon?

Averians -- Offshoot of Dysgnostics, dedicated to equality through destruction. See also Alphas, Averianism

Barren Walkers -- Inanimate, teleporting tangles of metal and plastic; only activated by the presence of sentient beings. See Barren Walkers, Dysgnostics, Durvii Battalion, East Rim Consortium

Binata Complex -- Is listed under Dramatis Personae

Book Of The Veere -- See Book Of The Veere

Darrow Foundation -- See Bartleby Drive

Durvii Battalion -- See Durvii Battalion

Dymetricists -- A genetically modified subrace with heightened intelligence. See Abrasia, Axis of Kelvod, Book Of The Veere, Erks

Dysgnostics -- Cyclical suicide cult who used Void-Breakers? to their fullest effect. See Alexander Ducant, Alphas, Dysgnostics, Elision

East Rim Consortium -- A diverse, conflicted group of planetary settlements, formed a few centuries before the [Qirel Encounter]? (in which it had a direct role). See Alphas, Belasyse Finch, Binata Complex, Laeis?

Faith of the Kingdom -- See Church at Nine West, Faith of the Kingdom

Jatok -- See Battle For Oubliette 2, Battleship Jatok, Belated History Effect, [Prince Ertoth Jatok]?

Kelvodists -- See Kelvod Agitation Theory, Kelvodian Exile

Klein Brittan -- Developed Ether and may have helped create Void-Breakers?. See Klein Brittan, Elision

Manit? -- The Manitobian deity.

[New Unified Terrans]? -- See Battle For Oubliette 2, Bifurcative Spacetime Strategy Theory, Cracker

Oubliette 2 -- See Battle For Oubliette 2

[Outopian Society]? -- Short-lived society of non-Kelvodist Dymetricists

Pharmacon? -- Shadowy, powerful drug research corporation, once based on the original Earth, now based on the Amorphian homeworld; developed Allelodrene. See Amorphians, Belasyse Finch, Pharmacon?

[Spacers' Federated Guild]? -- See Durvii Battalion, Faith of the Kingdom

[The Manitobian Polka]? -- The current national anthem of Manitoba; written by [Frall Wikozia]?.

The Union -- See Cracker

[Union Reform Movement]? -- Formed in response to the discovery of Elision, gained recognition following the Crylla Treaty

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