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Factions And Phases

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Though the constantly shifting alliances and politicking of the Orbital Wars can seem at first to be dazzlingly complicated they are important to understand as the nine distinct phases that are used to describe the wars are marked by important shifts in the factions involved. As some alliances lasted longer than others some phases lasted longer than others.

Though the Jatok, the Kelvod, the East Rim Consortium and the Terrans? are the major participants and the majority of the alliances revolved around them they are not the only forces involved. Indeed it is believed that only Haze ibn Haze's masterwork, [Shifting Sides of the Orbital Wars]?, covers every alliance that was formed in those times. In addition, though the phases show when alliances were agreed to by their governments, due to the Belated History Effect there were occasions when forces would continue to fight for the wrong side until the news reached them. Indeed the [Thermopylae Incident]? in the fifth phase of the war saw warships belonging to the [Kingdom of Atholl]? fighting on both sides as those who knew of the new alliance with the [New Unified Terrans]? fighting against those who thought they were still allied to the East Rim Consortium.

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