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FlexoWalkers were the first attempt by the Durvii Battalion at building technology which replicated the teleportation capabilities of Barren Walkers. This initial attempt focused on developing suits which would transport the wearer to a random location in the East Rim Consortium, transmit a coded beacon to the Durvii Battalion with the wearer's location, and provide life support to the wearer for up to 14 Alpha Cycles.

While development of the transportation component went well, the beacon often failed to reach the Durvii Battalion before the end of 14 Alpha Cycles. This resulted in the FlexoWalker program's termination.

The leader of the FlexoWalker program Logan Piccm was ultimately recruited by the Dysgnostics. Logan's writings from the period between the FlexoWalker program's termination and his joining the Dysgnostics indicated a severe mental breakdown.

There is evidence indicating that Logan was responsible for helping the Dysgnostics' leader [Sable Aliss]? gain access to a Barren Walker and making the life support modifications which lead to Aliss' ultimate demise. However, considering the cause of the FlexoWalker program's termination and Logan's subsequent breakdown, this is highly unlikely.

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