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Fool- myth or Monster?

As his life moved on, Dexter Potent became consumed by the idea there was a some force at work against him. He claimed it was sabotaging such costly and difficult to arrange tests of his theories as the skyhook experiment (now commonly referred to as the [Skyhook Incident]?.) He referred to this force as the Fool, and eventually set off in his remarkable ship the Manitoba in an attempt to spend the rest of his life performing research and gathering evidence outside it's shadow.

The Megarealist Art Movement viciously attacked Potent because his fanciful yet well constructed theories about reality seem particularly effective at inflaming G-DSM classified neophobes and stimulating thier aesthetic and bio-progressional counterparts the neophiles. This is particularly amusing in light of the fact that it was from an early work, published by Potent under a pseudonym, that the term Megarealist was taken.

Like his theories in general, the notion of the Fool was laughed at by those in power until recently, when a group of devotedly admiring scientiticians researching the theory produced a pile of evidence that his works were being selectively censored and his actions closely monitored by many governments. Not least among these interested parties is the media dominating [Kingdom of Atholl]?.

He grew increasing anxious about how the Fool might strike next. Potent refused to let anyone see his works prior to completion, in accordance with his theories about reducing retro-historic detraction prior to an event's apogee of manifestation. Apparently, the k-cycle he left on the Manitoba he also entrusted a manuscript entitled "[Ellipse and Spiral]?" to his publishers, who were sitting poised and ready to release it to the public. The Fool seemingly struck at that fateful moment, and all that remains of the manuscript are the coallesced fragments of Infermation about it's existance, heavily substantiated by conspicuously missing records and the mysterious demises of anyone who could have known about it. Now, with the scienticians pushing this evidence to the surface, it seems that the manuscript's existance is being combatted again. Many citations of the work and the scienticians are being silently dropped or mysteriously destroyed.

--Extract of an article published in the Neophile Journal Ek:IXO-2B

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