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Frank Jatok

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"How dare you accuse me of being a mad scientist? Robotic bees, attack!" -The last words of Frank Jatok.

Dr. Frank Jatok was a man born in Alphas many cycles before the beginning of the Orbital Wars, but his legacy managed to play an important role throughout them. His legacy being, of course, the race of intelligent robotic bees he created which eventually took his own name.

Frank Jatok was, in addition to being a remarkably intelligent man schooled in both Robotics and Apiology, remarkably morally deficient as well. He was at first a scavenger, salvaging dead ships found in space for useful spare parts and things he could sell for the money required to fund his research. Until, that is, he realized there was quite a bit more profit to be had in intact ships, thus he eventually turned to piracy.

With this in mind it is easy to see why the Jatok were designed the way they were. Their adeptness at manipulating human technology, as well as their laser-turret "stingers", helped make them extremely efficient at boarding and capturing ships, a tactic they used quite a bit during the Orbital Wars. In addition, he implemented the Jatok "hive-mind", with the few intelligent Royalty each remotely controlling hundreds of unintelligent drones, purely so he had to split the profit less ways after each ship capture.

After Dr. Frank Jatok's death at the hands of an otherwise historically insignificant spaceship captain, the Jatok formed their own society, named after their original creator. They had developed a slightly bad reputation by then, but really, were no worse than humanity all in all, as is true of most artificial intelligences. The Jatok Fleet itself was responsible for no more (or less) atrocities than any other major combatant in the Orbital Wars.

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