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Free Terran Warrior

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There is quite some distance between the truth of the Free Terran Warrior and the mythology that surrounds it. History shows that the ship was present in several battles and, although it played no real significant part in the course of events, it added an exciting unpredictability to the affair. However, the ship's final suicide mission lend it a kind of immortality, and it has since become one of the most enduring symbols of the conflict.

The Free Terran Warrior is still considered to have been a one-ship army. Sightings have been reprted in most of the major conflicts of the Orbital Wars - an outright impossibility, due to the distance between the various locations, but historians seem to be unable to decide which, if any, of the sightings were genuine.

To this day, many cycles later, it is the subject of songs, stories and films, and remains a popular icon. This, in part, is due to some clever marketing by the [Terran High Senate]?, in an advertising campaign which is academically interesting as it is considered to be the first to have used the technique which became known as [Practical Symbology]?. In the years following the conflict, many of the non-factional planets declared a festival on the day that the light from the explosion reached them. History does not record that the explosion was so small that any light from it would be indistinguishable, let alone that the Belated History Effect would prevent the planet from knowing about the event before the light reached them; which just goes to prove that even historians are subject to the capricious whims of social symbolism.

The questions raised by the Conspiracians and their choice of Pharmacon? as their target remain unanswered. It is suspected that at the time of the attack 90% of the crew were dead. Of the 12 members of the organisation's Inner Circle (seven of which were amoung those rescued from Oubliette 2), we can be relatively certain that only one remained, the persistently enegmatic [White Dorian]?. Legends of [White Dorian]?'s survival survace with alarming regularity, suggesting that popular sympathy may go beyond the legendary and into the cultish; as the [Puri of Tandin]? is believed to have said, "We honour him like Ned Kelly, but that does not mean we wish to see the Kelly Gang remade."

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