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Gemini Wing

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The Gemini Wing was an experimental force created by the [New Unified Terrans]?. After the disintegration of the Light Brigade, Terran pilots whose found themselves with out ships signed up with the Gemini Wing. Many of the Terran officers from the Brigade transferred as well, and the Wing became, in effect, the Terran portion of the Brigade under a new name.

After the monumental success of the Brigade (despite itís untimely end), the new Wing force was assured of victory at their first battle at the [Obbo Strike]?. Surprisingly, the Terran forces suffered monumental losses, mostly due to the Wing.

The failure of the Wing was due to the use of new Ether technology. The officers and pilots of the old Brigade kept the same fighting style and tactics as the Brigade had used, which did not adapt well to the new weapon technology at all. The Wing made a few more appearances in future battles, but was eventually phased out.

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