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Hot Spots

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Hot Spots are areas of Benthic Space where Curvature Regulation predicts a certain degree of regularity and a potential for past or future white holes. Originally they were believed to be quite scarce, as the mathematical likelihood of their spontaneous creation was quite low. Scientists in their early attempts to theorise their existence believed there would be as few as a million, spread right the way across the galaxy. The discovery of a cluster of no less than four Hot Spots within seventeen AU of each other by the crew of HMS Ark Royal XVI changed this.

When Union scientists began studying the phenomena, some years before the Orbital Wars, their [Whittle Machines]? were able to calculate that were several white holes to emerge in the area they would be very likely to emerge at the same time, several millions years hence. The current theory is that the creation of clusters of Hot Spots like this is unlikely to be accidental or natural. The Benthic Space expert, Vladamir Mbeki, has put forward the worrying idea that in that time ships may be using white holes as weapons and that the Hot Spot clusters are just a side effect of a barrage of reality warping missiles from a terrifying future war.

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