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Iatrogenesis was perhaps the most thoughtful and least violent work produced by the followers of Averianism, and by far the most viral, if one discounts the [Urvine Vector]?, which was technically a species of bacterium.

In short, the holo-documentary was a clever polemic on the role of humanity in health care (always an Averian pet issue). It argued that as the understanding of physiology grew more comprehensive, the application of human minds to its problems was an increasingly dangerous gamble--that the brain was not complex enough to fully understand itself, much less the body to which it was connected.

In its third act, Iatrogenesis made a strong case for the wholesale replacement of physicians by AI expert systems. It was more successful than anyone had predicted; the Doctor Riots (and subsequently Doctor Hunts, then Doctor Massacres) that took place during the first phase of the Wars left the human factions with little choice but to employ Triage Droids as their first line of battlefield medicine.

In another way, Iatrogenesis was wildly unsuccessful. After all, it aimed to remove humans from the field of medicine entirely. Since most of the corporations producing Triage Droids or similar systems were immediately bought out by Pharmacon?, however, it ended up handing indirect control of most emergency medicine to a small, almost wholly human faction.

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