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Judge Tristan Kernow

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The most controversial member of the Reformed Union War Trials, held after the Crylla Treaty, Judge Kernow was initially chosen to head the tribunal because of the neutrality shown by his home planet, Buut. His initial findings led to the sentencing of several war criminals, Horn Tesla of the East Rim Consortium, Admiral Skarn the Lord-Cannibal of the 13th Warfleet, and the infamous General Mark Gordon. He was renowned as a tireless investigator and a brilliant public speaker, several of his pronouncements being held as some of the greatest proclamations on the rights of man. However it was his investigation into the assassination of Belasyse Finch that created the controversy that surrounds him to this day.

As he researched the career of the former President he became convinced that Finch was a man of dubious character and that his killer, [Mikhail Un]?, was right in his actions. He claimed that rather than opposing the use of Cracker technology as his supporters claim it was his decision to build and use the Antiphon. Indeed he claimed to have a witness who said the decision to build the Antiphon was taken before the war even began. Kernow felt this corroborated the evidence he had that Finch was involved in the destruction of the Church at Nine West and an attempt to usurp power from Earth to the East Rim Consortium. Kernow was also the first (and only) person to publish the testimony of [Mikhail Un]? that casts doubt on the existence of the Heebies.

However, before he could bring the evidence into the courtroom a journalist from News Interstellar Channel 9 was able to gain entry to the Judge’s house and found him asleep in bed with a nine-year old girl. Kernow tried to claim that he had never met the girl before and this was an attempt by those he was exposing to ruin his reputation. The testimony of the girl though was too damaging and Kernow was forced to resign from the war crimes tribunal in disgrace. His ‘witness’ was never found and his replacement, Judge Dom Carnegie, rejected his evidence as manufactured. Finch’s reputation was salvaged and Un was duly castigated for the lunatic he clearly was.

Claims that Kernow’s witness did exist and was himself killed by bounty hunters sent by Finch’s family cannot be proved.

Claims that News Interstellar Channel 9 is a front for the East Rim Consortium’s external security agency, the Wraiths?, are clearly lies.

Claims that Pharmacon? has developed drugs that will stifle the aging process to enable governments to train adult agents in children’s bodies are purely the products of Kelvodian conspiracy theories.

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