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Sergei Kelvod was not the first scientist to develop a method of inheritable biogenetic modification to intelligence, but he was the first to develop such a method that had an acceptable number of monstrous mutations in successive generations. In doing so, he leant his name to an entire branch of dymetrics.

The early years of Kelvod development are well-known due to the popularity of Erasing The Impossible holo-documentary. Less well-known are the [Outopian Files]? that are rumoured to relate a much different history. Unlike other dymetricist groups, the Kelvodians soon developed a strong society of their own, a result of the inheritable nature of their augmentation. Many began to see Kelvodians as a separate race or species of human, despite the fact that they differed only in mental ability from their unaugmented relatives. This image was promoted by those who were distrustful of dymetrics and by prominent Kelvodians who sought to promote Kelvodian solidarity. Due to the popularity of Kelvodian genetic manipulation in early years and a high birth rate fuelled by widespread allelodrene addiction, within a few generations a Kelvodian community could be found on every moderately sized university campus in the known galaxy.

The publication of the Kelvod Agitation Theory and the resulting Kelvodian Exile resulted in a redefinition of the term Kelvod. It now was also used to describe those Kelvodians and other dymetricists who abided by the terms of the Purge of Superintelligence, migrating to non-Union systems. Originally scattered widely, the Kelvod had coalesced into a unified entity by Phase Four of the Orbital Wars. Kelvod played an increasingly prominent role in later phases, first providing support to the major powers and later launching their own offensives against those same powers when they had been weakened by decades of warfare.

At the time of the signing of the Crylla Treaty, the Kelvod were the second most powerful faction. It is interesting to note that the Kelvod, who were at best a loosely organized community of dymetricists prior to the Orbital Wars, emerged from the conflict as a powerful intellectual meritocracy, in control of dozens of worlds. This has lead some historians to question Kelvod involvement in the first phases the conflict, but these individuals are typically dismissed as conspiracy theorists when their evidence is examined by the academic community. Most of these theorists reference the [Outopian Files]?, rumoured to have been discovered at an abandoned Outopian research station. These documents have never been proven to exist.

Many people make the error of confusing Kelvod with the Axis of Kelvod that harboured Kelvodians and other dymetricists who did not abide by the terms of the Purge.

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