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Kelvodian Exile

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The Purge of Superintelligence (also called the Kelvodian Exile) was announced by the Union after the publication of the Kelvod Agitation Theory in the second phase of the Orrbital Wars. The Kelvod were seen as dangerous, unpredictable, and generally a threat to civilization as we knew it. The terms of the Purge were that anyone who had inheritable biogenetic modifications would be denied citizenship in any of the member governments of the Union, and that anyone of this group that continued to live as an illegal alien under a Union government would be deported or disintigrated.

All but three members of the Union voted in favor of this measure: Tandin, the planet of origin of the Kelvod; Rutland?, whose research of the unique biological phenomenons on the planet depended on Kelovodists and other Dymetricists; and Flek, whose representative at the time was [Ilona Bevan]?. Bevan was worried that the Purge violated universal rights of equality, one of the core concepts that the formation of the Union had been based upon. Supporters of the exile said that Kelvodists gave up their right of equality when they attempted to become superior to the rest of the human race by unnaturally advancing their own intelligence.

Critics of the Union have often cited the exile of non-Kelvodian Dymetricists as an example of ignorance of the Union to the actual situation. The truth of the matter is that the term 'Kelvodian Exile' was propogated by Kelvodist leaders to increase Kelvod solidarity. Union scientists proved that the [Kelvod Agitaion Theory]? applied to all Dymetricists, and the actual wording of the Purge ordered the exile of all Dymetricists, not just the Kelvod.

The results of the Purge of Superintelligence were several and varied. Universities collapsed as Dymetricist teachers fled, the tension of the Copyright Dispute was eased as the number of new patents fell by 75% percent, and (inexplicably) the [Sessionic Cult]? began their silence that lasted into the fourth phase of the Wars. Kelvodists who sought asylum in the East Rim Consortium were hunted down and brutally murdered by Wraiths?. The image of the horned helmet still strikes fear into the hearts of Kevoldists to this day.

Since the collapse of the Union and the disproving of the Kelvod Agitation Theory, Kelvodists and other Dymetricists have slowly worked their way back into society, leaving lasting achievements in all fields of knowledge and thinking.

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