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Little Coup

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Many historians mark the Little Coup as the beginning of the downfall of the Union?.

At the time of the Coup, the position of Senior Member of the Union had remained unfilled since its' foundation. The reason for this was that a two thirds majority vote of all members was required to elect a single member to this position. Very rarely were so many representatives present in the Union's Assembly for such a vote, and even on these occasions, no single member was ever capable of gathering enough support to be nominated.

Union Resolution 92470384J would have disappeared into history like so many prior and subsequent resolutions, were it not for the unique political situation that it created. Brought forward by the Drutan Collective, it called for a census of all member worlds, to monitor the rapid population explosions being caused by Allelodrene. The resolution was vigourously opposed by the East Rim Consortium, whose supporters viewed it as a threat to planetary sovereignity. For reasons lost to history, the normally apathetic members of the Union quickly split into two camps of roughly equal size, with only a small handful of neutral members, including the Terrans?.

The Terrans? were relatively new members of the Union, and had been relegated to a peripheral role at best until voting began on resolution 92470384J. However, an ambitious young ambassador, [Qeturah Little]?, had just been appointed as the head of the Terran delegation. Nothing is known of the actual machinations of the Coup, a topic that has spawned numerous conspiracy theories. What we do know is that both the Drutans and the ERC were somehow convinced that the best way to resolve the dispute would be trick their opposition into nominating a neutral power as a mediator with the power to implement a binding agreement. Thus it came to be that the Drutans nominated the Terrans and were seconded by the ERC. A blind vote resulted in a 70% majority approval.

On behalf of the Terrans?, and to the shock of her Union counterparts, [Qeturah Little]? immediately claimed the position of Senior Member of the Union, pointing out a clause in the Union Rules of Order that stated any Union member given mediatory powers over the Assembly would assume the position and powers of Senior Member until such time as the mediation process was completed and an agreement set into place.

Exercising the powers of the Senior Member, Qeturah immediately suspended debate on Resolution 92470384J and closed the current session of the Assembly. When the Assembly again convened, the Union capital had been relocated to Earth, where it remained until the devastation of that planet by a Cracker. Mediation of Resolution 92470384J continued, but became increasingly mired in reviews and committees implemented by the Terran mediators.

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