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Logan Piccm

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Logan Piccm was born and raised in Laeis?, son of East Rim Consortium career politicians Gary and Dahrca Piccm, nearly 200 cycles before the start of the Orbital Wars. He was genetically modified at birth to age at a rate five times slower than the average human, in hopes that he would follow in is parent's footsteps and become the new long-living leader of the coming Golden Age. The unfortunate side effect was, of course, while attending the University of Alphas he had the intellect of a young adult but the body of a small child. "I was the butt of countless cruel jokes," he recalls in his memoirs. "I retracted, pulled into myself. This kind of introspection would later lead to the painful themes I expressed in my work."

Logan eventually dropped out of the University and became one of the head songwriters for the Book of the Veere, which was just forming at the time. He relieved his tortured soul by writing mysterious lyrics that would later be over-analyzed by historians and literati during and after the Orbital Wars.

The largest project he ever undertook was an epic song called the Manifesto of Qirel. The song was mainly a reaction to the horrors of war that Logan experienced during the Laeis Revolutions a hectocycle before the advent of the Orbital Wars. The images of carnage and destruction never left him, and his Manifesto was a statement against all wars, except under certain conditions which he outlined. The song took so long to write that it was release in five major components, most long after the other members of the band had already died. Contrary to popular belief, the fourth and fifth components were actually written after the Encounter, and were not prophetic as some have claimed.

It is ironic that the most anti-war song ever written was actually used as the justification to begin the largest and most destructive war the galaxy has ever known, and Logan was well aware of this. After the destruction of Laeis?, Logan sought asylum on Dabiel, where he completed the final section of the Manifesto. During the third and fourth cycles of the war, he was stationed on the Union Grand Master, where met [Ilona Bevan]?. "Ilona was one of the great minds of our times. My times with her on the Union Grand Master were a brief oasis of light in a life filled with darkness." He and Bevan successfully completed a campaign to pull Union forces out of the Wars.

In the sixth phase of the Wars, Logan took a sabbatical to the Rings of Syng. In his memoirs, he writes, "I will never forgive myself for the timing of that excursion. I, one of the most influential critics of the Orbital Wars, was absent for [Phase Six]?, arguably the most important and critical phases of the entire conflict."

Eventually he found himself on Durvii, working on their FlexoWalkers program. His original intent was that the devices would be used as diplomatic peace envoys that would work to end the Wars once and for all, but radical groups on Durvii seized the technology and used it for other purposes. His work on the program caught the attention of the Dysgnostics, and Logan briefly worked as a double agent for the Union getting information on future Dysgnostic plots before he eventually suffered a stroke and unintentionally exposed himself.

He was moved to Alphas and recovered there until the end of the Wars. In his old age, he led the reconstruction of the historic [Sand Gardens]?. "This was my greatest accomplishment. After so many years of working to stop destruction, to reconstruct one of the great architectural marvels that had been needlessly destroyed by the Wars gave me hope that something like this would never need to happen again."

Thirty cycles after the end of the Orbital Wars, Logan Piccm committed suicide. "I have led a much longer and fuller life then most people can even begin to dream of. The only thing left I have to do is die." He is buried in the [Sand Gardens]?, under this quote from the Manifesto:

"A single silken thread that cut through thousands of swords and bloodshed: a vision of revision."

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