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Known more commonly as "that genius buffoon," RJ's interpretations of those events he has studied have given him a dubious reputation among scholars. His work has been received with exclamations of "Brilliant! Inspired!" and "Balderdash! Complete rubbish!" None of this seems to affect him, or even really come to his attention- he's always off somewhere researching, or "recreating" the connections between obscure events and the grancosmiasumosa (not quite grammatically correct term invented by RJ and used to reference the "folk theory of everything" or "whole universe as we perceive it, including what lies beyond our knowledge").

RJ has made the following entries:

Works Cited:

RJ attempts to maintain a page of Dramatis personae, for uses private and public. RJ also created the Factions page, but hopes someone else will pick up maintenance on it.

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