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Diversity Of History

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A pop culture idea which has gained support from the academics over the course of the past generation, and is emerging as a subject of pursuit for scientiticians. Generally, it conveys the the idea that there many permutations of history, all of which are equally true. Unlike the harmless assertations of individual, subjective, histories, the diversity of history is believed to be both very objective and very widespread. The existance of this supposed diversity has only come to light recently, with the perspective granted by our ability to assess Infermation about distant sources. Discrepancies in potential solutions to history equations yield multiple valid arguments for what might have occured. Critics claim that proponents of Diversity of History are confusing validity and truth. Proponents usually point out the especially glaring contradictions that are arising from attempts to synthesize a unified account of such far reaching and convoluted events such as [The Orbital Wars]? and the life of Alexander Ducant. The strongest evidence is in events whose paradoxical existance is rooted in mutually exclusive history accounts. Cases for such events being built by academics have become the bread and butter of the Infermatic industry.

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