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This page is not an entry- it is simply for use in assembling the factions at play around the Orbital Wars period (not the factions of players OF Orbital Wars, see the difference?) in an accomidating manner. If you feel like lending a hand, please add any notes you wish. This is understood to exist outside of game context, don't link from official entries or use it to spawn new official entries. Thnx -- RJ

Actually, if anyone would like to pick up maintenance on this page it that would increase it's life expectancy greatly :)

Allurians -- Those addicted to Alluria

Amorphians -- Only known alien life-form. See Amorphians, Pharmacon?

Averians -- Offshoot of Dysgnostics, dedicated to equality through destruction. See also Alphas, Averianism

Barren Walkers -- Inanimate, teleporting tangles of metal and plastic; only activated by the presence of sentient beings. See Barren Walkers, Dysgnostics, Durvii Battalion, East Rim Consortium

Binata Complex -- Is listed under Dramatis Personae

Book Of The Veere -- See Book Of The Veere

Darrow Foundation -- See Bartleby Drive

Durvii Battalion -- See Durvii Battalion

Dymetricists -- A genetically modified subrace with heightened intelligence. See Abrasia, Axis of Kelvod, Book Of The Veere, Erks

Dysgnostics -- Cyclical suicide cult who used Void-Breakers? to their fullest effect. See Alexander Ducant, Alphas, Dysgnostics, Elision

East Rim Consortium -- A diverse, conflicted group of planetary settlements, formed a few centuries before the [Qirel Encounter]? (in which it had a direct role). See Alphas, Belasyse Finch, Binata Complex, Laeis?

Faith of the Kingdom -- See Church at Nine West, Faith of the Kingdom

Jatok -- See Battle For Oubliette 2, Battleship Jatok, Belated History Effect, [Prince Ertoth Jatok]?

Kelvodists -- See Kelvod Agitation Theory, Kelvodian Exile

Klein Brittan -- Developed Ether and may have helped create Void-Breakers?. See Klein Brittan, Elision

Manit?: The Manitobian deity.

[New Unified Terrans]? -- See Battle For Oubliette 2, Bifurcative Spacetime Strategy Theory, Cracker

Oubliette 2 -- See Battle For Oubliette 2

[Outopian Society]? -- Short-lived society of non-Kelvodist Dymetricists

Pharmacon? -- Shadowy, powerful drug research corporation, once based on the original Earth, now based on the Amorphian homeworld; developed Allelodrene. See Amorphians, Belasyse Finch, Pharmacon?

[Spacers' Federated Guild]? -- See Durvii Battalion, Faith of the Kingdom

[The Manitobian Polka]?: The current national anthem of Manitoba; written by [Frall Wikozia]?.

The Union -- See Cracker

[Union Reform Movement]?: Formed in response to the discovery of Elision, gained recognition following the Crylla Treaty

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