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Characterised by their mutant form and their lust for revenge, the Heebies started the Orbital Wars.

The Heebies were descended from a fleet of freebooters raised by Earth to colonise the Hyperion Beta star system during the early days of inter-stellar travel. Hyperion Beta was of exceptional interest as the only system in which another civilisation - an alien civilisation - had been found, the only location sending out radio signals received on Earth. Although the signals detected were garbage they had a pattern, and the discovery of another intelligent species caused inordinate excitement. The freebooter mission was conceived to establish contact with this alien civilisation, settle within it as goodwill ambassadors from Earth, and eventually overthrow and enslave it for the good of Earth. They began their journey expecting to be the first humans to encounter an alien race. One can hardly imagine the despair the freebooters must have felt when they discovered that Hyperion Beta contained no inhabitable planets the signals were in fact ancient radio signals from Earth reflected by a unique effect in the system's asteroid belt. The freebooter fleet communicated this news back to the Earth, the reply received was simple and, it was hoped by the authorities, comforting: "Good luck."

What happened next remains a mystery. Somehow, the freebooters survived. They adapted, as the oxygen recyclers on their ships grew faulty. It is assumed, though has never been proved, that they turned to cannibalism as their supplies ran down, ships of the fleet raiding one another. Without enough power to initiate hibernation and travel to the next system, they were forced to endure life in real-time. Ten generations lived and died in the Benthic Space before the reached safe haven on an inhabitable planet in Hyperion Delta. By the time they settled on this new homeworld they were a change race. By now calling themselves Heebies, they established a civilisation, mining their new homeworld for resources to rebuild and arm their fleet. They were driven by one pure goal: revenge on the Earth that had abandoned them to their fate in space. Their isolation and desperation had given rise to a cargo cult based on a burning hatred of humanity, as they came to think of their mutations and depravations as the result of a curse put upon them by the godlings of the mother planet.

Their chance came after many more generations had passed. Earth had spread its seed out into the universe. Many of the colonies established by Earth had become vibrant cultures in their own right, standing as Earth's peers. They established colonies themselves, and some even came to over-shadow Earth. In all this time, the freebooters sent to Hyperion Beta had been forgotten. Records were later found, but it was an over-looked event in Earth's history. When an exploratory fleet dispatched from Earth to evaluate planets for potential colonisation thus encountered the Heebies, in an incident that would become known as the [Qirel Encounter]?, they were unprepared. Indeed, when woken from their hibernation they were very excited, as, unaware of the discovery of the Amorphians which had taken place whilst they were in flight, they thought they would be the first humans to encounter an alien race. They sent out visual signals, and the Heebies recognised the simpering beings that had doomed them to their slavering space-bound fate. The Heebies attacked the Earth fleet without hesitation. Only two humans survived to return to Earth, though they were beaten by recorded data on the attack and arrived to find that Earth had already responded to this outrage.

After destroying the Heebie homeworld by Cracker, the Union's combined forces, the Light Brigade, moved in to wipe out any refugees, along with Heebie outposts and ships. The Heebies were obliterated. This heralded the end of the first phase of the Orbital Wars; but, as all humanity would discover, the conflict was only just beginning. It should be noted, purely to dispel the myth, that according to the testimony [Mikhail Un]? gave shortly before his execution, the Heebies never actually existed. Un claimed that the entire culture and history of the Heebies had been fabricated to hide the real identity of the aggressors in the Qirel Encounter, and that the world destroyed in the subsequent counter-attack was an unidentified, agrarian colony. This testimony was stricken from all records for its obvious fabrication, and survives only through the word of mouth of lunatic conspiracy theorists.

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