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The Antiphon was the first Cracker, built and launched in response to the [Qirel Encounter]?. The reduction in output of subsequent Crackers, and the later banning of all such technology, means the Antiphon remains the largest weapon ever constructed in the Union.

That there was virtually no public opposition to the creation of such a weapon during the fourteen months it took to build the Antiphon can be entirely blamed on the shock and anger that followed reports of the Qirel Encounter and the desperate need for some resolution. Once the weapon was launched, and began its long journey through space, all concerned quickly put it, and the Qirel Encounter, out of their minds.

However, when records of the Antiphon's destructive effect reached Earth, there was widespread public outcry. The leading generation of that day, no more than children when the Qirel Encounter happened, found revulsion at the decisions their parents had made. It can be argued that this is a prime example of the Belated History Effect, as the sudden realisation of the results of actions taken a generation before caused deep divisions within society. There followed a successful campaign, led by Alexander Ducant and [Ilona Bevan]?, to have Crackers banned. Since the end of the Orbital Wars, those civilisations destroyed by the Antiphon have been commemorated with an annual sacrifice on the anniversary of its launch.

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