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Faith Of The Kingdom

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Shortened name for “The Official Faith of the [Kingdom of Atholl]?”, a system of belief descended from ancient Terran superstition. The core values are, to over-simplify, 1) the needs of the group superceding the wants of the individual, 2) the necessity of order and hierarchy, 3) the mortality of the soul but the immortality of the meta-soul, 4) God, or some other supreme being, exists in our universe and it is our duty to find and communicate with it, and 5) indoctrinating your children and friends into the Faith of the Kingdom.

We know The Faith was made official on Atholl kilocycles ago, but actual details are very sketchy. The Head of the Faith has always been the Head of the Atholl monarchy; today [Queen Audrey]?’s face is the one that appears on the memorabilia of the Faithful. The Head of the Faith is the closest thing the Faithful have to a central figure, since expeditions to find the actual Deity have thus far come up short.

Atholl corporations were, and still are, the leader in cybercommunications as a result of the Faithful needing to ‘chat with God’, as it were. The Faithful never forgave the East Rim Consortium for the destruction of the Church at Nine West, and used their extensive network of media outlets to turn the sentiment of many systems against the Consortium.

The biased portrayal, in combination with the lack of other information sources, was so convincing that many small groups (most small fundamentalist churches of the Faith) began to take matters in their own hands to end what they saw as the source of all evil in the galaxy. Small actions, such as the destruction of a supply depot or the blocking of transit lines, in and of themselves did little, but they were so widespread and numerous that they began to take their toll on the Consortium. The groups became emboldened, and with the help of the [Spacers' Federated Guild]?, they launched an assault on the main Consortium forces at Woulsae. So many were lost on both sides that it became known as the Massacre at Woulsae. This put the Consortium in their downward spiral that would eventually lead to their final destruction.

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