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The Orbital Wars

Hello. This is a wiki for playing a variant of the [Lexicon Game]. We're currently researching the Orbital Wars, which means that each round, all the players write an entry on something related to the Orbital Wars, or the events leading up to them, or following them, or whatever tangets they desire, really. But players have to cite other entries other players have written, and treat what they say as fact. And they have to cite entries yet unwritten, which then be fleshed out by the other players in future rounds. Feel free to look around a bit, it's all explained in the pages below.

Things you may want to read:

Various ways of reading the Lexicon:

There's also an [RSS feed of recent changes to the Wiki] and a [LiveJournal feed], if you wish to keep abreast.

The current round's letter is N. The next round will start on a currently undecided date.

The most recently created entry was Manitoba.

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