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History of Dymetricists

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"Dymetricist" was originally an archaic term used to refer to anyone who undertook drastic measures to increase their own intelligence, be those measures cybernetic or chemical or even simply years of intense study. However, as more people who were concerned with such things adopted the use of inheritable biogenetic modifications, the term gradually came to refer only to the specific subrace of humanity that it currently describes.

Rumours of Dymetricists having psychic powers have repeatedly failed to be proven in scientific studies. "Precognition" often stems from an increased understanding of a situation and what factors will be significant determiners of the future, as well as how to phrase a prediction in vague or self-fulfilling terms. Claims of mind-reading have also been shown to be a heightened awareness of non-verbal behavioral patterns which can make deceiving a Dymetricist in person a rather difficult task. Nevertheless, these superstitions abound whenever Dymetricists are discussed, and were no doubt encouraged by the Dymetricists themselves.

Dymetricists have always experienced discrimination from society that resented their claims of "superior" intelligence, and many sought out the company of their own kind, forming an informal society called "Kelvod" roughly 200 Alphas years before the Orbital Wars. During the opening phases of the Orbital Wars, it was discovered that usage of Allelodrene often increased Dymetricist abilities in children born under its influence. This led to rampant abuse of the drug by Kelvodists, and fears from the public about the consequences of this.

Shortly after the publishing of Kelvod Agitation Theory during the second phase of the Orbital Wars, the Union announced the Kelvodian Exile. While this seemed a maneuver against Kelvod, most historians currently agree that Kelvodian Dymetricists were actually behind it, as it brought about a sharp increase in Kelvodian group solidarity, and forced most Dymetricists to either join the newly formed Axis of Kelvod or suffer persecution at the hands of the rest of society.

It should be noted that, while they were a rare exception, there were non-Kelvodian Dymetricists after the Kelvodian Exile, such as the short-lived [Outopian Society]?. Also, for almost every famous scientist, there are those who will claim that figure was secretly a Dymetricist, but it must be remembered that people are capable of brilliance without the genetic variances identified as responsible for Dymetricist abilities.

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