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History of Dysgnostics

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The Dysgnostics were a cyclical suicide cult whose activities first came
to widespread public attention when a crudely-built Void-Breaker? was engaged in the bunkers beneath the group's Alphas headquarters, in reaction
to coverage of the [Qirel Encounter]?. The 176th arrondissement - including the City Library and [Sand Gardens]? - took the full force of the Breaker, and many of the city's north-eastern sectors remained empty and uninhabitable for the duration of the Orbital Wars.

The cult were to recruit again on Durvii three years later, one month
before news of the Alphas disaster reached the colony. Subject to the
Belated History Effect, broadcast coverage reached Laeis within
minutes of Dysgnostic Void-Breakers coming online in four major

In all, thirty-four cities fell to the Dysgnostics across twelve worlds, before the end of the Orbital Wars - the cult is believed to have ended with
the death of [Sable Aliss]?, who may or may not have been the group's
founder. A Barren Walker with a jury-rigged life support system was
discovered during a mining survey of the unterraformed side of
Laeis?, containing the body of Aliss, an incomplete set of military
Void-Breaker blueprints, and a handwritten copy of the Manifesto of Qirel.

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