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History of Gaurron

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Gaurron was first recognized on the planet Druto?, although later claims of encounters with Gaurron-like colonies have arisen. Not since the testing of Gaurron shielding has a free colony been substantiated, and it is presumed that unshielded transmission of uncontrolled signals likely caused the mass genocide of all non-Drutan Gaurron.

Piney and daughters first registered their discovery of what they thought was a stockpile of unidentifiable nano-tech about 2 Drutan cycles before the [Xorm market crashes]?. The find went uninvestigated until well after Piney had left and sold the rights to their stake back to the collective. If not for the reckless curiosity of then Drutan Polyglot Disciplinary Center graduate assistant Jeneeva P'Ahabda. She was gathering evidence for an assignment to perform and describe a routine investigation in the foreign JLA manner when she came across the disregarded report in the basement of the local claims department at her internship job. She decided to use it as an opportunity to test her familiarity with JLA. She took a sample from the mound of nano she found and brought it back for testing. It was during spectral overtone examnination that the Gaurron first reacted, doubling in mass before solidifying and then decomposing.

Extensive testing and investigation into this alien material began, and theories coalesced about its origins. It wasn't until excavation of a whole Gaurron colony on a nearby continent (about the time of the Battle For Oubliette 2) that it was realized Gaurron wasn't the product of an extinct civilization (the prevailing theory) but a civilization in it's own right. By then the infrastructure had long been unwittingly eroded in attempts to explore the possibilities of manipulation on the initial find.

Construction and repair. Shielding. Transport. Gaurron nano succeeded where conventional nano failed. Their ability to transmit communications seemingly instantaneously among the colony is what made their usage in reactive situations so fruitful- that and their endurance and replication. There has been spots of concern raised, however, regarding alleged correlations in use of Gaurron shielding and the presence of [Whittle Machines]? with local spikes in Elision.

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