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1. To have the advantage: to be ahead in some way, usually by dint of more effective play. Thus if Cryer comes out ahead of Brooke-Taylor by three tokens and a half sandwich after a token cascade, he would be said to have the advantage.

Also occasionally applied to more static situations, or to the results of chance events which require interaction with a static feature. Thus if both Cryer and Brooke-Taylor were caught in a Wheeler vortex and Brooke-Taylor found himself at a higher point in the resulting token gradient, then he would be said to have the advantage over Cryer.

2. To play the advantage: in a situation where players are evenly matched but a choice must be made about who may have the most beneficial option, the referee may play the advantage to a particular player. These rulings are usually on circumstances which are unlikely to have a lasting effect on the status of the game, but where some arbitrary decision must be made. In the absence of a referee, a coin toss will suffice.


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