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Not to be confused with Beck's Coefficient, and named in honour of the Underground Map's creator [H. C. Beck]?, this rule allows for the utilisation of old station names, and is only applicable to players holding tokens of each colour (the colours belonging to both the old and new station names, in the event that these differ.)

Rarely is any advantage offered by the playing of Beck's Rule, save in the case of the Embankment – Charing Cross Jump. Briefly, this allowed the player to move directly from District / Circle to Jubilee without incurring any token forfeit or going into knip – at least until the Jubilee connection to Charing Cross was removed when the line was extended.

Nevertheless, this rule is normally only practised by extremely experienced MC players due to its impacts on line velocity, which are unfortunately too complex fully to explain here. For the last recorded instance of Beck's Rule being used in modern play for any reason other than the Charing Cross Ambiguity, see Sharma vs. Abrecht – 1979.

Worthy of note are Beck's Rule's implications towards the playing of the North End. Since the station was never opened, it is not possible to determine whether 'North End' or 'Bull & Bush' was the station's 'original' name. Thus, if a player fulfilling the Beck's Rule qualifying conditions plays North End then, subject to the conditions of the North End Rule, a vortex will be formed sucking all players to North End, from whence they will be spat out in the order detailed in IMCS rules 15973-15988.


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