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1. A player making a block because they are a bit light headed for whatever reason and feel that their judgement is impaired. An obvious mis-spelling in this form, but then it is not uncommon for variant spellings to be accepted as normal by convention.

2. Playing a block but without spending all the tokens necessary to actually complete it. This can be handy if you want to give someone the impression that they are blocked on a particular route when they are not, or if you want to pretend to have fewer tokens than you really do.

For example, Cryer is at Stockwell threatening Rushton's position at Elephant & Castle. Rushton plays a feinted block at Kennington both to give the impression of protecting himself, but also to make it look like he has spent the red token he earned from busking that last turn. Cryer, being fooled by Rushton's poker beard, plays Victoria on the basis that he is out of Rushton's reach. Rushton now has the choice of maintaining the pretense or of simply playing a charged shunt on Cryer.


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