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A situation in a game of MC, now a popular variant in its own right, in which the names of two or more stations must be combined. To give an idea for the general feel of the game, moves range from the comparatively simple 'Tufnell Bec', 'Arselico' and 'Great Barking Elephant' to the rather more complex 'Seven Kings' Tooting Victorias' or, on one extreme occasion, 'James's Wapping Great Canary on the Parson's Horn'.

If played within a conventional game of MC, the traditional way of ending a Boardman's round is by playing a station that is valid both under standard MC and Boardman's conditions: for instance, 'West Acton', with the West from West Ham and the Acton from East Acton. An alternative method is to switch from normal play to Boardman's and back via Old Kent Road. If the game is being played as a variant in its own right, the most usual winning move is Mornington-on-the-Hill, though others have been used on occasion.

The Boardman's Combined Stations ruleset owes a great deal to the [Reykjavik ruleset of 1992]?, a variant which is notoriously lax about the conditions under which bifurcations and in particular semifurcations can occur.


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