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Three Underground stations are in Buckinghamshire: Chalfont and Latimer, Amersham and Chesham. (It should also be noted that Chorleywood town is also half in Bucks, although the other half – including the actual station itself – is in Herts.) Because they are not in any of the zones, moves between the three stations are normally unrestricted. Because of this and their distance from central London, they can be used to retreat to while a player reassesses the situation and rethinks strategy. The stations are of course in quadrant one.


Addendum: The Herts/Bucks county boundary ran through the middle of Chorleywood until the early 1990s, when it was moved a couple of miles outside the town. This change appeared to coincide with the introduction of the Council Tax, since neighbours would have been paying significantly different amounts of tax depending on which county they were in. None of this, of course, affects the station which has always been in Hertfordshire.

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