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Known as the Officer's Club because of its close association with Sandhurst Military College, Camberley MCC had its heyday in the early 20th century prior to the First World War. It was quite the social destination in those halcyon days, being known for the quality of its balls as well as of its tokens.

Its reputation has declined since the 1960s. As Sandhurst's gentility has waned, so has the interest of the officer class in MC: once a mainstay of the Surrey county team, Camberley's last county player was Samuel Tucker, and he wasn't in the military let alone an officer. Camberley has been on the verge of closing its doors more than once in the 1990s, an event which would pass unmourned if not for the extensive archive gifted to it over the years by local benefactors. There are areas of game transcripts unrivalled even by the official IMCS archives.

If you want to know almost anything about the history of the Game, go to Camberley.


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