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Contributors to the Encyclopaedia may be credited using a 2–4 letter code at the end of the entry. A key to these abbreviations now follows:

Andrew Brown – a_r_brown_esq@yahoo.com
Alasdair Swanson – alasdair_swanson@standardlife.com
Andrew Chadwick – a.t.chadwick@dur.ac.uk
Blob – rfh.mh@btinternet.com
Barry the Time Sprout – brendanhogg@inorbit.com
Charles Thomas Reginald Longman – david@fam-stead.demon.co.uk
Daz Ultra – pamandand@mail.bogo.co.uk
Demigod Fantastic – demigodfantastic@usa.net
Dave Chatting – D.J.Chatting-CSSE97@cs.bham.ac.uk
Dr. Lock – bhknight@interlog.com
Dave – dave@goldeneyes.org.uk
Dunx – dunx@dunx.org
Fat German – mgreenwo@madge.com
Gil – Gil.Williamson@syntegra.bt.co.uk
Herr Bratsche – herrbratsche@hotmail.com
Hugo Rune – morbidharvester@hotmail.com
Inspissate – inspissate@aol.com
jim – jim@madeira.physiol.ucl.ac.uk
John Davies – john@redwoods.demon.co.uk
Jonathan Hall – home@jonathanhall.com
Jonathan Ellis – jonathan@franz-liszt.freeserve.co.uk
James Pearce – ale@F1.net.au
Kev Davis – c2kd@dmu.ac.uk
Martin Cansdale – martin.cansdale@chch.ox.ac.uk
Malcolm Ryan
Mr Wild Pants – service178@yahoo.co.uk
Nea – nea@nea.pp.se
Nigel Ashton – nigel_ashton_at_wmc__cp@wmcmail.wmc.ac.uk
Phil Jones – phjones@hpslz16.cern.ch
Porkpie – Paul.Parkinson@orbian.com
PaulWay – paulway@earthling.net
Robert Bunting – robert@aurora.york.ac.uk
Raak – jrk@sys.uea.ac.uk
Suzy Creamcheese – Suzy_Creamcheese@Mindless.com
Simon Giles – skg200@soton.ac.uk
Si – admiral_piett1@hotmail.com
Simons Mith – simon.smith@cableinet.co.uk
The Cheesecake Man – ajs44@cam.ac.uk
Tony Kent – tony.kent@btinternet.com
The Unknown Anorak – anorak@javelins.freeserve.co.uk
Tuj – tuj.dot@tesco.net
Watty – rwatt@ferrero.co.uk
Zoe – zoe-dawn@nme.com

Many of these addresses are no longer valid. They have not been altered in any way because the original versions have been visible on-line for years, and thus will already be well-known to any email address harvesters. There also appear to be a few minor errors, and some contributors are not listed above because they have only contributed to the Wiki and not to the original HTML version.


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