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The construction of the Docklands Light Railway and the East London Line Extension caused a number of weighting problems in quadrant three, where they are geographically located. The effects were negated by creating quadrant five, however the new quadrant seems plagued by new and inexplicable phenomena. Test games early in 1996 indicated that in quadrant five, tokens change colour, value and sex and even disappear when not watched closely. Spin on stations in quadrant five decays, and line velocity exhibits unusual degrees of curvature. More worrying is that the nature of Neasden? is changed, to such a degree that a player entering it from quadrant five with LV above six causes the station to exhibit charm and initiates a loop, causing cataclysmic tactical problems for all players.

These and other observed phenomena have led to the entire quadrant becoming known on occasion as the Docklands Triangle. There have even been reports of trains without drivers (!)


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