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Described by Mrs Trellis as "The best of friends and the most cunning of coaches," Engelbert is in fact a large English Blue cat with whom she shares her house. Engelbert often joins her at away matches and has a special carrier constructed in the image of Mornington Crescent in which he travels. Its innards are lined in velvet and he has a set of bowls shaped after the London Underground roundel from which he eats and drinks whatever he chooses.

Detractors of Engelbert (usually people whose tactics have gone to hell after astute use of the Engelbert Manoeuvre) suggest that such a pampered existence has led him to become somewhat overweight, and it is true that he carries on his frame more than an ounce of lard. However, he cannot be faulted on his lazy and easy-going nature, and anyway it is really rather petty of people to hold grudges against a cat.


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