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Sometimes, a player is placed in a situation where he has no legal move for one or more turns, and must thus pass or, more usually, farkle. This situation is commonly known as a farkle paradox.

In some rare cases, it is possible for every single player in the game to have no legal move (the situation is usually the result of a combined spoon and knid, with a demand that the next move be to a station which happens to be on the other side of the river and a prohibition on non-linear moves.) This is known as a general farkle paradox. If this is combined with the condition of Boris, which debars players from passing, there is no choice but to resign from the game (as the player can neither play nor pass) and rejoin at a later stage, at a consequent severe disadvantage. One of the few defences against this is to ensure access to the up escalators, as there are fewer restrictions on movement above ground and use of the ferry is permitted.


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