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Gregor Grant is unusual in the history of MC as being one of the few players who were banned for life from playing on the international circuit. So what did he do that was so terrible? Assault a fellow player? Cheat? Quibble with the referee? Well, after much research the answer can be revealed. It all happened in 1956 when Grant was selected to represent Great Britain in a tour of Italy. His team won at Bresica; but the prize money 'disappeared'. To discover the culprit one only has to look at the entrants list in that year's Mille Miglia where we find one Gregor Grant driving a MG Magnette. Grant came an unremarkable 151st overall and 4th in class. With no money from a glorious motor racing victory to offset the prize money he'd used for the entrance fee Grant was cast out into the wilderness where there is a wailing and gnashing of teeth.


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