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(1938- )

It has been said of Grossman (he rarely uses his first name, having been mercilessly teased as a child) that if he could play Mornington Crescent as well as he could argue, then he would have been World Champion several times. But as it is he is a middling player at best, a fact which he tacitly acknowledged when he retired from competition in the late 60s.

However, Grossman is an outstanding theoretician. He has a profound and instinctive understanding of the kind of fluid multi-dimensional topologies in which token generators and zone passes operate, and which other workers in this field such as 'Max' Kielder have barely an inkling of.

Despite this insight, Grossman's work went largely ignored until he was approached by another noted worker in the field named Mrs Trellis. She had intuited that many of the entities within the Game could be described in terms of more fundamental elements, and that the interactions between these entities could thus be analysed and predicted with considerably more accuracy if these fundamental elements were defined. However, she lacked the mathematical and, above all, topological background to work through these ideas in detail.

After a frenzied summer of bouncing ideas back and forth across a hotel lobby in Bognor Regis, occasionally at high volume, the theoretical basis for quantum token dynamics was established. These ideas were first published in MC Player in the Winter 1982 edition, and have gone on to raise as many problems as they solved disputes. But then that's progress.

Grossman himself continues to work in the theoretical arena, although he has left the intricacies of QTD to younger and more nimble minds than his own.


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