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The name of a highly popular and successful radio comedy show (broadcast by the BBC) hosted by Sir Humphrey Lyttleton and played by Graeme Garden and Barry Cryer in one team, and Tim Brooke-Taylor and – until 1996 – the late Willie Rushton in the other. The show is somewhat mistitled, since its participants have razor wits and can reduce the audience to howling baboons with an apt phrase.

Most of the games played on ISIHAC (as it is affectionately known) are played on the internet, and vice versa. The one which everyone concentrates on, and to which this Encyclopaedia is dedicated, is Mornington Crescent, known and loved by millions of devoted fans (according to recent Gallup Polls). Other games, like Cheddar Gorge and Limericks, are also popular on-line.

cf. BBC Radio 4, BBC 7

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