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Jarrow '36 is an undeservedly obscure game, given its historical significance. For those who don't know, Ellen Wilkinson marched for over a month with 200 people with her in order to get the (at the time) unpopular ruleset passed. It is largely glossed over by most scholars, who mostly associate the movement with unemployment problems. Of course, northerly movement is restricted, only permitted when Westminster has been passed. This often leads to blocking by passing Mornington Crescent, which can be frustrating, naturally, but means that the Dollis Hill is surprisingly easy to avoid. It also has great effects on defensive play – as only District Line counters are permitted. (Shunts, straddles and demi-realignments? are all strictly forbidden, as most players should be well aware.)

There are two sub-variants of this game – Cookson and Churchill. The Churchill variant permits subsequential sidestepping, whch rules out Amersham?.

[Chris] [transcribed from http://parslow.com/mornington/move.pl?260 by SM]

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